1972 Summit Series Newspaper Clippings

The following are photocopies of actual articles from the 1972 Summit Series. 

Simcoe (Ontario) Reformer
Most of these are Canadian Press articles that appeared in many newspapers across the country.

Date Title
June 8, 1972 Sinden To Coach Team Canada
June 13, 1972 Orr Won't Be Playing In Canada-Russia Series
June 15, 1972 Sinden Gathering Staff, Will Name Players Next Week
June 22, 1972 Eagleson To Remain With Hockey Canada
June 22, 1972 Harry Sinden Having Problems
June 23, 1972 Harold Ballard Wants Subscribers To Get 1st Chance at Tickets
July 13, 1972 Sinden Names Players Invited To Training Camp
July 13, 1972 Bobby Hull Is Bitter
July 14, 1972 Bobby Has Backers In Bid To Play Russians
July 14, 1972 They Don't Care Over There
July 18, 1972 Trouble When Trudeau Intervened . . . Eagleson
July 24, 1972 Campbell Gives Last Word . . . No
July 26, 1972 Sanderson Says He Won't Play Unless Hull Is On Left Wing
August 2, 1972 Eagleson Says Team Will Have To Stick To NHL Only Policy
August 2, 1972 Bobby Orr Won't Be Playing In Series With Russia
August 3, 1972 WHA Players Not Allowed Says Hockey Canada Board
August 3, 1972 Bobby Orr May Play
August 14, 1972 Team Canada Names Four Captains
August 14, 1972 Goal Crease Different
August 14, 1972 Team Canada Opens Camp, Series Begins In Three Weeks
August 15, 1972 Players Put Through Paces
August 16, 1972 Sinden Has Players Shooting In Scrimmages
August 16, 1972 Stapleton Skipped Surgery To Play Against Russians
August 22, 1972 Refs Unbelievable: Pinders Warn Team Canada
August 22, 1972 Bobby Orr To Join Team Canada
August 22, 1972 Sinden Aiming To Win Them All
August 24, 1972 Scouts Suggest Eight Game Sweep
August 24, 1972 Russians Return Home, Impressed By Team Canada
August 25, 1972 Team Canada etc
August 29, 1972 Team Canada's Poise A Problem For Harry
August 30, 1972 Political Implications Evident In Canada-Russia Series
September 1, 1972 Canada Breaks Camp, Series Opens Saturday
Please Note IThere was, apparently, no weekend edition of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper in 1972. Thus there is no report for game one in Montreal.
September 5, 1972 We Learned A Lot, Canada Rebounds For 4-1 Win - Game Two
September 6, 1972 Russians Critical Of Referees
September 7, 1972 Tretiak, Shorthanded Goals Help USSR Tie Canada - Game Three
September 7, 1972 Officiating Could Cause International Incident
September 7, 1972 Power Play Puzzles Sinden
September 8, 1972 Changes Made As Teams Prepare For Game Four
Please Note There was, apparently, no weekend edition of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper in 1972. Thus there is no report for game four in Vancouver.
September 13, 1972 Sinden Says Big Ice Will Help Team Canada
September 14, 1972 Canada Arrives In Sweden Plus Orr, Minus Mahovlich
September 15, 1972 Wide Open Spaces, Bobby's Knees Canada's Problems
September 18, 1972 Last Minute Goal Gives Canada 4-4 Tie With Swedes 
September 19, 1972 MacNeil Says Canada Will have Trouble
September 20, 1972 We Have To Play 30 Per Cent Better Says Sinden
September 21, 1972 Three Leave Team
September 22, 1972 Team Canada In Moscow, Play Opener Friday
September 22, 1972 Sinden Names Starting Lineup As Three Leave Team
September 22, 1972 Canadians In Moscow For Games Don't Have Tickets
September 22, 1972 Wayne Cashman Getting Hungry
Please Note There was, apparently, no weekend edition of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper in 1972. Thus there is no report for game five in Moscow.
September 25, 1972 Quick Goals Give Canada 3-2 Win Over Soviets - Game Six
September 25, 1972 'Cool It" Soviet Head Tells Eagleson
September 25, 1972 Officials Worst I've Seen Says Sinden
September 26, 1972 Line Up Changes, New Officials
September 27, 1972 Henderson's Late Goal Gives Canada 4-3 Win
September 28, 1972 Game Eight To Go On, Teams Reach Compromise
September 29, 1972 The Country Goes Wild
September 29, 1972 Very Proud Father Pat Esposito
September 29, 1972 Canadian Columnists Sound Off, Praise, Condemn Canadian Actions
September 29, 1972 This Is The Happiest Moment In My Hockey Career: Henderson
October 2, 1972 Savard's Second Goal Gives Canada Tie With Czechs
October 2, 1972 Celebrate 25th Wedding Honoring Team Canada
October 2, 1972 Fergie Happy To Tie Czechs
October 2, 1972 Esposito Reception Cancelled
October 4, 1972 Need More International Series
October 5, 1972 An Enthralling Hockey Spectacle

The Globe And Mail
Original Globe and Mail Stories From 1972

Game 1: Canadian team outplayed in every area, stunned coach admits
Game 2: It's even: Canada beats Russia 4-1
Game 3: Russians' play in 5-5 game shows hockey belongs to both countries
Game 4: Russians win 5-3 in B.C., go home as favorites

Game 5: Angry Canadians blame selves for 5-4 Moscow loss
Game 6: Team Canada is confident it can win series

Game 7: Canada ties series with 4-3 triumph
Game 8: From Russia with Glory

Sports Illustrated
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